I’ve decided with this article to have a closer look at my three favourite pieces from this year’s Aeron spring/summer collection.

It’s always better to make choices based on recommendations and my aim is to provide you with more of an insight into these products and share my thoughts on why I think they’re worth considering.

The Aeron collection is dhb’s performance line. Premium products with the best fabrics and design elements.

On top of that, the increased use of recycled materials and dhb’s new partnership with pre-loved clothes retailer Thrift+ means it feels like the right time to put my neck on the line and make some recommendations...


1. Aeron Bib Shorts 2.0

Bib shorts are categorically the most crucial piece of cycling kit. They are the main interface between your bike and the bulk of your body’s weight.

They provide protection and cover for the big engine muscles, while offering support and comfort for your private parts.

I’ve recently been fortunate to try the new Aeron shorts which have been completely redeveloped from the previous version.

It’s clear the designers have thought very carefully about every aspect of this product, which is a relief, because it needs to be damn near perfect.

I’ve always said I’d be happy with my bib shorts when, after a long day in the saddle, I’m not desperate to change out of them, and that has been the case here.

The chamois is excellent, and I know that because I haven’t given it a single thought. A good chamois is like a good security guard. It should be doing flawless work behind the scenes while you are none the wiser.

The short overall is like that. It is a truly fine fabric which has a real feel of luxury, and it just fits. I’m not uncomfortable on the bike after four hours.

And I’m not periodically rearranging everything with the old knee out shimmy – the signature move of any male cyclist with uncomfortable bib shorts.

For most things I buy, value for money is my priority. And while this isn’t a cheap product, it absolutely represents value for money.

Products like these are the holy grail for a customer like me. We aren’t balancing cost with performance here. This is as good a short as you will find, it just doesn’t cost the earth. And this makes me happy.

The values of a brand are as important to us all now as the product itself and as sustainability becomes a key concern, I was pleased to learn the new short is made from 65% recycled material.

I like that, especially because it doesn’t come with compromise.


2. Aeron SS Jersey 2.0

As with the new shorts, this jersey has been completely redesigned for 2022. And like the shorts, the majority is made from recycled material.

I only found this out after using the top for a while and that’s significant. It’s like a proud meat-eater being told they’ve eaten a vegan substitute only after they declare how tasty their meal was.

First and foremost, this is a premium top with quality technical fabrics. And it’s also recycled. Great!

First impressions with the new top were its simplicity. It looks clean, crisp and modern. It’s only when you wear it you realise how this is not a simple design at all and that a great deal of attention has been paid to every element.

I thought it was a bit bold to remove any sort of gripper on the sleeves. But they feel really nice on my arms. The way the sleeves sit is almost like a smart casual look, which I really like!

I should confess I sized down to an extra small because I prefer a tighter fit on my arms, so that’s worth considering.

But the outcome is a very capable top that fits exceptionally well all the while feeling comfortable to wear and looking sleek and modern.

It’s one of those things I now own that I just really look forward to wearing. It sounds daft but I feel good when I wear this jersey.

3. Aeron Rain Defence Gilet

My favourite product, but one I think probably slips under the radar of most people. It’s also one of the few things that gets used year-round.

In the winter, keeping your hands and feet warm starts by taking care of your core. This gilet keeps the wind out and being waterproof obviously keeps you dry in damp drizzly conditions when you don’t want a full cape. Once your vital organs are cosy, your body will start looking after your extremities.

In the summer, of course temperatures are milder, but the threat of rain is ever present in the UK. And this gilet does a fantastic job of keeping me dry and warm when I need it to, but packs much smaller than a full-size cape.

The material is the right weight and is waterproof while providing a good amount of breathability. This gilet is definitely one of those pieces that you only realise how useful it is once you own one.

Note: The gilet I'm wearing in these images is actually the new Aeron Lab Superlight Waterproof Gilet – but more about that one another time!