Waterproof Cycling Jackets


A jacket is crucial to any cyclist and we know how important it is for you to find one you can trust and rely upon. That’s why we’re committed to delivering optimal performance for cyclists seeking both waterproof and reflective features.

The Aeron Tempo FLT and Flashlight jackets have been developed to enhance visibility while protecting riders in various weather conditions. These reflective cycling jackets incorporate strategically placed reflective prints to increase rider safety and visibility in low-light situations, perfect for commuters or riders who want to catch the eye.

Our Aeron Tempo 3 and Moda waterproof cycling jackets are for those cyclists who simply enjoy pushing their boundaries, whatever the weather. While they also feature reflective logos, the emphasis here is on shower protection, packability and a great fit in a performance cycling position.

Meanwhile, the Aeron Lab waterproof cycling jacket is our premium option. Fine-tuned for the racing cyclist or hardened trainer, this waterproof race cape also features the reflective logos – but is designed for a high-performance close fit, making it the choice for an aggressive, aerodynamic position on the bike.

Throw in our Trail waterproof cycling jackets for those multi-terrain riders and gravel cyclists, who love the additional functionality of a hood when they head off on an adventure and we reckon we've got you covered. Take a closer look...

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